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Kitano Construction Corp.
<Nagano Head Office>
524 Agata-machi, Nagano-city, Nagano, Japan

<Tokyo Head Office>
9-2, Ginza 1-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
<Nagano Head Office>
<Tokyo Head Office>
03-3562-2331 , 03-3562-7381(Overseas Construction Division)
<Tokyo Head Office>
03-3562-7394 (Overseas Construction Division)
Home-page Address
August 31, 1946
Chairman and President, Representative Director, Takahiro KITANO
Main Business Line
1. Contracting and Consulting works for planning, design, execution and management of construction work related to civil engineering and architectural works.
2. Management and Consulting Works for hotel, restaurant, resort facilities and theatre.
3. Construction and Sale of houses, and Creation and Sale of Land.
4. Supplementary works related to all the above.
5. Others
Overseas Offices
1.Honiara, Solomon Islands
2.Sana, Republic of Yemen
3.Kabul, Afghanistan
4.Dakar, Republic of Senegal
Major Projects〈Domestic〉
1.Honiara, Solomon Islands
2.Sana, Republic of Yemen
3.Kabul, Afghanistan
4.Dakar, Republic of Senegal
1."Izu View Grand Heights" Resort Hotel
2."Utsukushigahara Highlands" Art Museum
3."Tokyo Seitoku Gakuen" University
4.Preservation and restoration work of national treasure, "Zenkoji Temple"
5.Nagano Shinkin Bank Head Office Building
6.Sagamihara National Hospital
7.Fujitsu Suzaka Factory
8.Hakuba Ski Jump for Olympic Game
9.Nagano Electric Railway Subway
10.Chuo Expressway Okaya Interchange
Major Projects〈Abroad〉
1.Rehabilitation of Roads in Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan
2.Henderson International Airport in Solomon Islands
3.Post Conflict Emergency Rehabilitation Project in Solomon Islands
4.Redevelopment of Viola Hospital in Tonga
5.Afforestation in the Coastal Zone in Senegal
6.Hotel Nikko Hanoi in Vietnam
7.National Tuberculosis Centers in Yemen
8.New Amsterdam Hospital in Guyana
9.Marine Study in the University of South Pacific in Fiji
10.Maputo Fishing Port in Mozambique




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