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Kinden has been an active participant in recent bidding for international projects. In particular, we are building a distinguished record of performance in electrical infrastructure projects. As a leading Japanese M&E contractor since the 1950s, Kinden was one of the pioneers of the construction industry on the overseas market. Today, Kinden has completed projects in more than 80 countries around the world and maintains an international sales network of 11 overseas affiliate companies - in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Viet Nam, the United States, China, Egypt and others.

For every project, Kinden dispatches a team with skills and experience custom-tailored to its special demands assembled from its International Division, Japanese branch offices and overseas affiliates. Using the same high standards and methods that have made us a leader in Japan, we are meeting a wide range of demands — from electricity-, instrumentation-, air conditioning- and plumbing-related planning and design to installation, construction and maintenance.

Based on the philosophy of “working together for mutual prosperity”, Kinden’s overseas bases are making significant contributions to community, local and regional development.
In the future, we will continue our efforts on projects aimed at helping improve local lifestyles.


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