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Taisei Corporation
1-25-1, Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163-0606
Home-page Address
Takashi Yamauchi, President and CEO
Overseas Offices
U.A.E., Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Libya, U.S.A., Peru
Major Projects〈Domestic〉
Roppongi Hills Grand Hyatt Tokyo, Tokyo
National Theatre Okinawa, Okinawa Pref.
Takamatsu Symbol Tower, Kagawa Pref.
JR Central Towers in Nagoya, Aichi Pref.
Tokyo Metropolitan Roka High School, Tokyo
Sapporo Dome in Sapporo, Hokkaido
Kanegasaka Tunnel, Hyogo Pref.
Construction Work for New Kitakyushu Airport, Fukuoka Pref.
Akashi-Kaikyo-Ohashi Bridge (Pearl Bridge)
Shimagawa Dam, Gunma Pref.,
Kansai International Airport in Osaka
Seikan Tunnel conecting Honshu and Hokkaido islands
Major Projects〈Abroad〉
New Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia
Hotel Nikko Jakarta, Indonesia
Subaru Telescope, Hawaii, U.S.A.
River Plate House Office Building, London, United Kingdom
Fujitsu's Philippines Plant, Philippines
Beijing Shangri-la International Hotel, China
Oil refinery, Kaduna, Nigeria
Johor Bahru City Square, Malaysia
Shore-line Square Building, Long Beach, U.S.A.
Legend Hotel Saigon, Saigon Riversaide Office Center
Mekong Bridge (Kizuna Bridge), Cambodia
Kohat Tunnel, Pakistan
Christmas Island, Kiribati
Funadu Berth and Male Island Seawall, Maldives
Express way 2, Taiwan
Purification Plant Facilities, Sofia City, Bulgaria
Revement construction on Male Island, Maldives
Coal-fired thermal power plant in Ilo, Peru
Cirata Hydroelectric Power Station, Indonesia
Toyota Proving Ground, Arizona, U.S.A.
MRT Circle Line C854 Project. Singapore

Overseas Initiatives
Taisei is using its technologies and know-how in various overseas projects
as well as domestic projects.


The First Large-Scale Bridge in Tunisia (Republic of Tunisia)
Taisei is constructing the first large-scale bridge ever built in Tunisia, in Tunis City, the Tunisian capital located on the North African coast of the Mediterranean Sea. This project, which was planned to create a smooth transportation network in Tunis City, where the urban area, the airport, and the port are separated by a large lake at the center of the city, is supported by Japanese ODA loans.
Taisei is constructing an extradosed bridge measuring 260 m in length with a 120 m central span as well as an elevated interchange measuring 1.7 km in length.
This project is also expected to provide opportunities for training engineers in Tunisia, and Taisei was requested by the Education Minister of Tunisia to cooperate in training programs as vocational school instructors.
In 2006, a stamp with a design representing this project was issued to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Tunisia and Japan, drawing public attention to the bridge construction not only as an infrastructure development project but also as a symbol of friendship between the two nations.

Railway Tunnel Crossing Bosphorus Strait (Republic of Turkey)
Although there are two bridges over the Bosphorus Strait, there has been a growing need for another road to reduce chronic traffic
congestion. To ease the traffic problem a cross-strait railway tunnel, 13.6 km in total length including 1.4 km of submarine tunnel, is
planned to cross the Bosphorus Strait. Taisei is playing a construction part in this project.
The submarine part of the tunnel in the Bosphorus Strait is 1.4 km in length, and the caisson sinking method is used for the tunnel.
Caissons manufactured in a dock are launched into the sea and towed to sites where they are submerged one after another and connected to create a continuous tunnel on the seabed. The deepest section is about 60m below the sea surface, which makes this tunnel the world’s deepest tunnel constructed by the caisson sinking method.

Special Environmental Award from Nakheel
In the Palm Jumeirah Sub-Sea Tunnel Project, which was completed in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Taisei received a special award from Nakheel, the project developer, for its environmental activities. The award was given based on the excellent evaluation of the ongoing environmental conservation efforts made by Taisei from the start of the project, including periodic cleaning of coastal areas, cooperation in control of the island water quality, the rescue of marine animals trapped inside the sheet pile walls used for enclosing the construction area from the ocean (an operation that was widely puplicized in the local media), and joint research and a survey with Nakheel on the transplantation and growth of sea grass. Taisei’s environmental conservation activities and technologies are expected to contribute to the creation of a rich natural environment in Middle Eastern countries, including Dubai, in the future.



Miracle of Djibouti (Republic of Djibouti)
In November 2006, the East African Economic Conference, the first international conference in the Republic of Djibouti, was held in
the nation’s capital, Djibouti City. The government of Djibouti, having been prevented from holding international conferences by
its lack of conference facilities and accommodations for political leaders from other countries, requested the Dubai government to construct a hotel with 400 rooms and a ballroom for international conferences to recieve political leaders from other countries. In response to an urgent request from Nakheel in Dubai in July 2005, Taisei contracted to construct the hotel in the short period of one year, starting the construction in November 2005.
In an environment with underdeveloped infrastructure, where we were forced to depend on imports of all construction materials, we completed the construction of the Djibouti Palace Kempinski Djibouti in November 2006. Taisei was awarded a medal from the president of Djibouti for its accomplishment, which was highly praised by the Djibouti government. Our construction work was also commended as the “Miracle of Djibouti” for the fact that the government and a private company working in close collaboration, under trying circumstances, completed a difficult construction project within a limited period of time.

Zero Industrial Accidents Challenge (Qatar)
The construction of the New Doha International Airport in the State of Qatar is one of our typical large overseas projects. The biggest challenge in every one of our projects is the protection of human life, to which we give the highest priority. For this overseas construction work, we have formulated a project-specific safety policy to carry out daily construction activities using the best practices for the project, including health and welfare management. We provide all workers with initial and repeated training, such as training for newly recruited workers, accident prevention meetings, safety conventions, safety patrols, briefing sessions held before starting construction, and safety seminars, in order to raise their safety awareness. We are also using work status monitoring check sheets in our daily activities as a tool for preventing accidents.
Over 3,000 workers from more than 20 countries are working every day on this construction project. All these workers are conscious of these basic rules and achieved a zero-accidents record over a 6-million-hour period, and we are continuing to try for a new record.

Singapore Award of Excellence for Best Safety Practice
In a land transportation awarding ceremony held in Singapore, Taisei received the highest award in the safety division for its outstanding safety management in construction. The awarding was inaugurated in 2007 under the joint auspices of Singapore’s Land Transport Authority and the Ministry of Transport to celebrate achievements in the development of transportation networks and land. This year, eight companies and two individuals were given awards in the passenger service and other divisions, in addition to the construction safety division, in which Taisei received the award.
The award ceremony was reported by the media, allowing us to establish our reputation in Singapore.


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