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Fudo Tetra Corporation
7-2, Nihonbashi-Koami-Cho, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo, JAPAN, 103-0016
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Yuji Takehara
Main Business Line
Soft soil improvement work as Sub-contractor, such as Deep Mixing, Sand Drain, Sand Compaction Pile in On-land and Off-shore.
We specialize in the soft ground improvement work such as Deep Mixing, Gravel Compaction Pile and Sand Drain method, which is our best field of construction, and we intend to receive both public works and private sector issue as Sub-contractor base. Ground improvement works of four projects (Deep Mixing) in Vietnam, the nine (Sand Compaction Pile=SCP) in U.S., and one (Offshore SCP) in South Korea have been already carried out until 2007. In Vietnam, it seems that the situation where new construction of infrastructure, especially road, railroad and harbor facilities, and the demand of a standard rise of airport will continue successively, and the needs of ground improvement are also expanding. In these area, since clay particle is too small and it is necessary long time to finish the consolidation, we think that Deep Mixing method is rather effective than Drain method.
Overseas Offices
In Vietnam
Hanoi Representative Office,
No.01 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Str.,Hai Ba Trung Dist.,Hanoi,Vientnam
Tel.:+84-4-9432582 Fax.:+84-4-9432581

Ho Chi Minh City Representative Office,
Floor-2A Kim Thai Building,22 Hoang Dieu Str. Ward 12, District 4,
Tel +84-8-5401-2658 / Fax +84-8-5401-2657

In United States of America,Fudo Construction Inc.
U.S.subsidiary of Fudo Tetra Corporation,
1840 Gateway Drive Suite 200, Room 222 San Mateo, San Mateo,CA 94404Tel +1-415-867-6658
Major Projects〈Domestic〉
Hekinan Thermal Power station soil improvement in 1987
Kansai International Airport seawall foundation improvement work in 1986-1988
Tokyo Disney Land soil improvement in 1998
Tokyo Haneda Airport in 2007
Major Projects〈Abroad〉
Singapore Changi Airport soil improvement in 1978
Saudi Arabia Yanbu Thermal Power Plant soil improvement in 1980
South Korea Pusan Submerged tunnel soil improvement in 2005
Vietnam soil improvement projects for Thermal Power Station and Container Terminal applying Deep Mixing Method in


1. Ground Improvement method for oversea project

Deep Mixing

Diameter 1,000-1,600mm,soil-cement mixing column is installed by mixing blade which has been developed since 1970’s in Japan. Laboratory mixing test and check boring are both required to keep its quality. It is not necessary to wait long time
to make hard ground as drain method.


Gravel Compaction Pile (GCP)
Sand Compaction Pile (SCP)

Diameter 700mm, strong gravel pile or Sand pile are able to be installed in both clayey and sandy ground. It is effective for increase stability of clayey ground and mitigate liquefaction of loose sandy ground.
Recently, no-vibration (static) sand compaction pile machine has been developed and used in Japan and U.S. for mitigation liquefaction in urban area.


Off-shore Sand Compaction Pile

Diameter 1600-2000mm, large scale sand pile is installed by special barge. It is useful for many harbor structures.
Construction speed is much faster than other method. Both gravel and sand is available for material, however around 2,500m3 material is required in one day.
In South Korea, we have installed SCP up to maximum –70m depths from sea level in 2005.

Sand Drain

Diameter 40cm sand pile for drainage and accelerate consolidation of clay ground

Same as GCP

2. Application of Soft Soil Improvement

Reduce settlement & Increase slope stability


Liquefaction due to earthquake


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