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Island Tower SkyClub

High-rise housing connecting three seismically isolated seismic response control buildings.
The beautiful slender building makes a new urban landmark.

The city of Fukuoka has long been developing as a commercial town in the southwest of Japan. The high-rise housing was constructed as a land mark of the "Fukuoka Island City", a new landfill at Hakata Bay that has been supporting development as a maritime gateway. With the development of three buildings connected to one another that are seismically isolated and can control seismic response, high symbolic slender high-rise housing has been realized for the first time in earthquake-prone Japan. Comfortable living environment has been provided by day-lighting, installation of a garden in the air and other means.

Island Tower SkyClub Image1

Island Tower SkyClub Image2

Standard floors of the Island Tower SkyClub have a floor area of approximately 400 m2. A maximum of four houses have been allocated on each floor to enable each house to get natural light in two directions. The houses have been laid out so that occupants may avoid eye contact. The three buildings have been structurally integrated by connecting them at medium-level floors.

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