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Information communications hub in Asia composed of three high-rise buildings of futuristic structure adopting a super structure system.

Fusionpolis, an information technology center, is located at the One-North business park in the southwest of Singapore. Numerous universities, research institutions and private firms have moved to the center and have been conducting various studies. Three buildings that have been designed differently constitute the project. One of the major characteristics is the adoption of a super structure system. The futuristic structure has been selected for carrying loads concentrated on a few high strength beams and columns. Measures have also been taken to reduce CO2 emissions by using special glass on exterior walls.

Fusionpolis Image1

Fusionpolis Image2

An atrium connects three high-rise buildings. String beams, white bowed steel bars (with a maximum span of 22 m), support the glass ceiling. The giant pillar on the right in the photograph supports the oval-shaped theater.

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