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Colorado River Bridge

Concrete arch bridge with a 323-m arch span, longest in North America

The Hoover Dam in the U. S. with a spillway capacity of 40 billion tons has been designated as a national historical structure and is generally known as America's greatest technological achievement. The Colorado River Bridge, the Hoover Dam bypass project, spans a valley downstream of the dam.
In the Colorado River Bridge, a large arch rib supports the highway deck. The 323-m arch span is longest on a concrete arch bridge in the U. S. For construction of the bridge, the arch rib was supported by wires extended from temporary pylons on both sides and the section of construction was launched to the center from both sides.

Colorado River Bridge Image1

Colorado River Bridge Image2

The beautiful arch is a feature of the bridge. However, building bridge piers on bluffs with exposed rock surface and constructing a huge concrete structure in the air required extremely high-level construction techniques. Efforts were made to lower the temperature of concrete in hot weather using liquid nitrogen because concrete was expected to generate high hardening heat. With changes in arch structural system as construction progressed, the loads acting on the pylons and arch also changed every moment. Construction was carefully managed at the site to implement the project by conducting three-dimensional analysis of the behavior of the arch and cables and by other means.

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