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Stonecutters Bridge

The cable-stayed bridge is a new landmark of Hong Kong with fan-shaped white cables and world's second largest center span.

The Stonecutters Bridge is a highway bridge that spans the 900-m-wide Rambler Channel in Hong Kong. The total length is 1,596 m. The cable-stayed bridge has a center span of 1,018 m, the world's second largest. A total of 224 cables (28 levels and eight planes) were used in the center and side spans. Parallel wire strand (PWS) cables have been adopted to resist wind load. A clearance of 73.5 m is available under the deck to enable large container ships to pass. The main pylon is 298 m tall. The completion of the bridge revitalized the communication between the Hong Kong International Airport and the city center.
Cables with a maximum length of 540 m and a maximum weight of 77 t. Measures taken on the surface to control vibrations during the rain.

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In order to ensure safe construction of bridge decks at sea, bridge decks were first constructed on side spans and then decks were launched to the center span. A steel deck segment on the center span weighed approximately 600 tons. Segments were hoisted using a lifting stand and fixed while maintaining balance. Segments were lifted by wires extended from the main pylon and welded to existing segments.

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