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Ikina Bridge

Steel/concrete composite cable-stayed bridge spanning remote islands with a top-class span for this bridge type

The Ikina Bridge is a three-span continuous steel/concrete composite cable-stayed bridge with a length of 515 m in a town born by merging two remote islands.
The planned central span was longer than the side span as compared with ordinary cable-stayed bridges. Increasing construction cost was therefore of concern. To solve the problem, a steel/concrete composite bridge was adopted. The bridge has the third largest span among the bridges of this type in Japan where numerous long bridges are in service.

Ikina Bridge Image1

Ikina Bridge Image2

In order to cut increasing construction cost, a composite structure was selected that combined concrete and steel decks. Approximately 70% of bridge decks were of concrete and steel decks were constructed in the middle of the center span, or in a 30% section. Diagonal members were anchored both on concrete and steel decks in the center span for the first time in Japan.

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