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Environmental techniques

High-rise dismantling technology

A high-rise building was dismantled using the existing roof, following the construction process in reverse as if playing a video backwards. The dismantling method was environmentally friendly, meeting strict construction conditions, including restrictions pertinent to the neighborhood.

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The high-rise dismantling method involves dismantling the inside in an enclosed space, making effective use of the existing roof, in a reversal of the construction process as if rewinding a video in play mode. Each time one floor is dismantled, a lifting device automatically lowers the entire system, and the disassembled parts are removed for reuse using a crane. Problems, such as flying and falling members, generation of dust, noise and vibration, are all greatly reduced. Power is generated while the parts are lowered using the descent of the materials as an energy source for lighting, watering and driving the machinery for temporary work. Thus, energy consumption is thoroughly minimized.

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