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Railway construction

Subway construction in Taipei

Construction in work section CL700B on the Luzhou Line, improving soft ground and driving 3,000 piles, in Taipei, the largest city in Taiwan.

Japanese construction companies constructed a 4.8-km section connecting
St. Ignatius High School, Sanmin Senior High School and Luzhou Stations and Luzhou Yard. In the work section, there exist various structures and buildings such as underground stations, shield tunnel and a yard. Wide varieties of problems had to be solved during subway construction.
The city of Luzhou was built on soft sediment deposited by fresh water rivers. For constructing a yard on a 16-ha area at the site, the pre-loading method was adopted to improve the soft ground. Reinforced concrete foundations were constructed after driving 3,000 25-m-long piles.

Subway construction in Taipei Image

Subway construction in Kaohsiung

Japanese construction companies with good track record in constructing existing railways in Taiwan constructed a terminal station at the intersection of numerous subway lines in various directions.

In Kaohsiung located in the south-west of Taiwan, subways are now being constructed rapidly mainly in the city center. Japanese construction companies have constructed many of the existing lines in Taiwan. Japanese companies also carried out the main part of subway construction (CR4 construction) in Kaohsiung. The world's largest class circular diaphragm method was adopted for constructing Formosa Boulevard Station, a terminal where the Orange Line that runs through the city from east to west and the north-south Red Line cross each other.

Subway construction in Kaohsiung Image

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