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Site policy

This website is managed by the Overseas Construction Association of Japan, Inc. (hereinafter “OCAJI”). Please read the following and view or otherwise use this site only if you agree to the terms. Please note that the details below may be changed without advance notice.


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The information published on this website is prepared with care for accuracy. However, no guarantee whatsoever is given as to the completeness and accuracy of information provided. OCAJI bears no liability whatsoever for any losses occurring to the user or any losses the user inflicts on a third party that may result from the use of this website. Please note that information published on this site may be changed or deleted without advance notice.

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In principle, any person or company, is free to link to the top page of OCAJI’s website. However, links to other pages are not permitted unless permission has been granted by OCAJI.

Please note that, if any of the following apply to the content or management of the linking site, permission to link may be retracted.

Sites that slander OCAJI or other companies, persons, or organizations or have content intended to damage their credibility; sites that display this site inside a frame or otherwise make unclear that the content belongs to OCAJI and could mislead third parties; in addition to the above, sites that do not comply with laws and regulations including laws, ordinances, and regulations or violate public order or morality, sites that may hinder the management of this site, and the like.

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